Friday, April 5, 2019

By practice I am an infectious disease scientist and a behavioral epidemiologist.  As a result, I am well read (or at least trying to become) in the behavioral sciences, one area of which I have a suitable interest is in the history of the behavioral sciences with respect to racism. This has become more of an interest currently in the age of social justice. To put it succinctly, I consider modern social justice warriors to be reinvigorating an age I considered long past and dead, the age of scientific racism.

Scientific racism as a school of thought, practice and research advances the supposition that certain groups, particularly Blacks, are different and less intelligent when compared to other racial ethnic groups especially Whites, although immutable, that these differences are unchangeable, innate, genetic and will exist regardless of any other actions or events. It is evident that these beliefs are reemerging in the class of progressives, in specific the younger generation. I say this because what is visible, is that claims of truth, not based on fact, are leading to behaviors and policy that are following the guidance of what we saw in the scientific racism and eugenic communities of decades prior. If one proclaims that they are Black and therefore I will always be this or that or oppressed, poor, economically disadvantaged and a victim, or that you are White and you will always be this or that, smart, wealthy and privileged based on characteristics one cannot change, you are essentially arguing the same logic that scientific racist and eugenicist did scores of years prior.

It may not be obvious at first, but this is a dangerous supposition for this form of reductionism occurs because people in the delusion that they are doing good, employ race to exact and refer to the distribution of a character of an individual based on the group as a collective.  In this model there is no room for individual differences and even worse, personal responsibility. In addition, it merges the unfitness of social outcomes with biological outcomes, which scientifically are mutually exclusive.

More than 70 years ago, these same principles were being touted as standard settled science. Among example eugenicist, races were observed in hierarchies and divided into distinct groups such as the Nordic and Mediterranean Europeans to which social characteristics were ascribed. Social justice warriors of today continue these same practices and divide or group people based on race and consequently ascribe social characteristics to said groups based on skin pigmentation singularly. Strange seeing that if one truly desired to combat racism, maintaining artificial collective difference of a group based on skin color over the uniqueness of the individual is not the most advantageous way to go about such. Instead it only extubates the existence of racial dogma, albeit unverified scientifically to exist, that furthers dived people based on race and reduces the opportunity for open discussion about race.

It is as if proponents of social justice and identity politics do not see or know that they are advancing the contemporary notion of race born out of Darwinism, David Hume, Sir Francis Galton, Johann Blumenbach and Carl Linnaeus. They either are unaware or do not notice that they are presenting a social definition on presumed cultural and physical differences of which are the same ones that laid the foundation for how we understand race and racism presently.

Unfortunately, this ambiguity is not only unscientific and not empirical but unsafe. It is this type of thinking that justified the oppression Blacks, colonization, slavery and imperialism based on skin color. It led to Margret Sanger and planned parenthood and the belief that Blacks should be exterminated. It led to Nazi Germany carrying out of eugenics programs which resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, blacks and the sterilization of tens of thousands of others.

These social justice warriors do not see how their worship of identity politics only serves to venerate white supremacy and validate acceptable yet unique cultural and behavioral characteristics unrelated to biological determinism. Sadly, they continue to enact nonsensical behavior in the name of justice when what they spew only inoculates racial injustice.

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  1. would this also include the new push for diversity and inclusion that many companies are implementing within their hiring process?


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