Thursday, November 19, 2020

Plutocracy (a country or society governed by the wealthy), Autocracy (a system of government by one person with absolute power) and kleptocracy (use political power to appropriate the wealth of their nation) are all familiar words to the folk that pick up a book and read it more often than not. They uncouthly are not terms familiar to low information voters on the progressive end of the bandwagon unless they are of the coastal elites. This week I was informed of a new term by the unexampled and albeit younger Gregory Gutfeld. The word allegedly he purported to parent was Covidtocracy. Now I don’t know if he made it up or not, I just know I am unlike Joe Biden and consider stealing the words of others as being sacrosanct. He did not provide a definition so II will take the time out to do so in particular as it vest personal liberty. 

Although there is a large corpus of research that shows that lockdowns, mask wearing (cloth or surgical – see 1, 2, & 3) and social distancing is ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid (as with any other airborne virus) US progressive politicians still promote these actions all which are unconstitutional and antithetical to the right to privacy and individual liberty. Ironically, progressives used to support this perspective, frequently saying the government should not be able to intrude on decisions made in the home, or that they should not be able to dictate what goes on in one’s bedroom, or in your home. They even repeated that the government should not and can not tell you where to go to school, who to marry and that it was your body and your choice. Now things have changed as the great reset progressive liberals demand is on the way. They can with a straight face order that you behave as they demand by wearing a mask all the time, even in your own home or be fined or arrested.

DC Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser says her trip to Biden's Delaware celebration was "essential" though Delaware is on her city’s list of "high risk" states. Mayor Bowser is now extending restrictions on small businesses and restaurants with new foolishness. Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends her haircut during lockdown saying: “I’m the public face of this city" and her celebration of Joe Biden in a large crowd despite her own rules about mass gatherings. She is now calling for restrictions on gatherings and calling for the canceling of in-person Thanksgiving dinner. Oregon's Democratic Gov. Kate Brown has called for 'limiting social gatherings to no more than six people from a maximum of two separate households.' California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced additional restrictions including but not limited to “mandatory requirements for all gatherings,” stating: "all private gatherings must limit the number of attendees and are required to be held outside," names must be collected "of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.” He is also keeping schools closed and in motion to clamp down on small businesses and restaurants via the implementation of a curfew.  Awkwardly, the same man who can send his son to in class private school and caught not following his own COVID-19 protocols by eating at the French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, California at an exclusive and expensive dinner party. Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently announced a new set of restrictions on indoor gatherings  for three weeks starting which will close schools and end indoor dining at bars and restaurants.  This from the woman who is having a new protective wall built around her residence and who's husband ignored guidance for the rest of the state by asking to have his boat placed in the water before the Memorial Day weekend, saying his wife was the Governor. 

We cannot forget Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting her haircut, claiming the salon set her up or Democrat Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney caught dining indoors in NJ while indoor dining was prohibited in his own city. We also have Democrat VA Gov Ralph "blackface or KKK hood' Northam caught not wearing a mask at Virginia Beach after calling mask wearing on state beaches mandatory, NYC Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio caught going to the gym the day that Cuomo announced all gyms in the state would shut down to in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid and Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker, whose family flew to Florida on a private jet while  stay at home orders he called for forbidden such were in place and again is headed there himself on his private jet for Thanksgiving. I could continue but you get the picture.

The point is that these individuals are not making these decisions based on law, but rather individual greed for power. There is no science to suggest that risk of contracting Covid is a function of sitting or tanning in the dry versus wet areas of sand as Gov. Newsom called for. There is no science to support that closing bars, restaurants and gyms  at 10 p.m. will reduce the risk of contracting or spreading Covid. What makes 10pm different from 10:05pm, 10:30pm, or 9:45pm? Nothing these are random and arbitrary actions without any science to support their utility.

Progressives have shown their real desires during this pandemic. The first is to use Covid as a political wealth on the behalf of big tech, the political class and the media and the second is to seize control and destroy individual liberty. Progressive liberalism has made a complete 360 degree turn from their anti-government intrusion mantra to demanding that citizens do what they say: where a mask all the time in your home or risk being arrested or fined, no family allowed over for Thanksgiving, or if allowed they can only be immediate family and no more than six or else go to jail. Again for the party saying we follow the science, it must be invisible because no science has supported these actions. What makes six different from five, seven, ten or twelve? Nothing because there isn't any.

This entire comportment is just a prediction of things to come. It is the elite telling us in a not subtle way that we are not capable of thinking for ourselves, that we are not competent to make our own individual risk assessments based on our own unique circumstances. It as if they are saying only the government, in far away Washington, D.C. or some lonesome state capital can make decisions for us all and the rest of us should just shut up, take it and do what they say and not as they do. I just wonder, if you refuse, what punishment can the make up? Will they take your guns, your home or your kids for retribution?

Nothing man ca do will ever stop a virus, it is undefeated versus man. Look at history if you think I am being hyperbolic.  The evidence is clear that Covid is no worse or less as dangerous than any virus past or to come. Currently, the us has 75.56 deaths per 100,000 cases and compared to Mortality in the most affected countries, our 2.2% overall is better than France, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy not to mention the US case fatality rateAccording to the CDC, there were 2,839,205 deaths in 2018, of which 655,381 from Heart disease and 599,274 from cancer in concert. As it stands currently, the US is on pace to have less deaths with Covid.

Now back to Mr. Gutfeld. The Covidtocracy is real. Lockdowns, the illusion of social distancing or mask wearing do not stop the social spread of a virus. This is the science. What we see is that these rules are put in place by edict singularly, not backed by science and that the ones putting these rules or measures in place violate them yet still desire to put and hold others accountable when they are not. It as if they think the great citizenry of the US cannot think for themselves - something that China and Saudi Arabia implement frequently. In concert with corporate media, Silicon Valley and the east and west coast progressive class, all of these efforts from controlling and dictating speech and what you can read to not questioning their authority, are not for the purpose of safety, but rather a reflection of their penchant for control over the people. This is the Covidtocracy. There goal is not the well-being of America, nor to put America first, but rather using political fiat to suggest either we be quiet and obey and to think like them or risk social ridicule and ostracization. They desire passivity in an effort to control dissent. This is the America they desire, one were personal liberty and individual responsibility is abrogated and where all of the control of all, from thought to the ability to work and think freely is in their hands. Orwell could have never imagined this great reset, but wait, yes he did.


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