Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I was told by a dear and near relative of mine that lunacy and idiocy have no bounds and are infinite in the individual mind as infinite as the number of particles, forces and mass-less particles in the universe. No I am not talking about the woman that ordered Chocolate Ice cream and when they did not have any, decided to take a baseball bat to the shop and break out all of the windows, nor am I talking about the fools at DuPont who want to start mass market selling breast milk to adult humans like bottle water or Gatorade. What I am referring to is the ultimate in hypocrisy and equally incoherent, laughable and ill-advised.

Recently, a TV opinion personality was asked by of all people, rappers to be removed and fired from the television show that they host. Fox news host Laura Ingraham has gained this attention from Snoop Dogg, T.I., and the Game, because of a comment made with regards to lyrics of a song he participated on with YG called “FDT.” FDT is short for “F— Donald Trump.” Now since I do not have TV or cable on my farm, I searched for the clip online to see what was the big fuss that had all of the tricks G-strings up their cracks.  After watching the segment, I found nothing disrespectful of or directed toward the death of the rapper. In addition, I did not see anything to suggest and validate she was making fun of his death. What I observed was a person intentionally making fun of the chorus of the song by saying “OK, that's a very creative refrain" and suggesting in jest that the person repeating the chorus was no Leonard Bernstein.

What gets me is the two-faced audacity of a group of people who continuously cite freedom of speech to record, promote and make money off of lyrics that advise to kill the police, kill other black men, sell other black people drugs and treat and call women thots, ho’s and bitches. Yet they want to prevent someone else from expressing and having the same right of free speech to make a living.  Snoop has the right to say what he says and so does Laura Ingraham. Regardless if you agree with it or not. Don’t watch, change the channel.  Just as I have the right to call out dumb-fcks proclaiming fake outrage when someone is critical of a so-called expletive-ridden protest song against President Donald Trump. If you support Trump, why not ridicule the lyrics of the song? The lyrics are not the person and since when has it been illegal to be critical of any work of art or music?

And the critics are people who sided with Pennsylvania rapper Jamal ‘Mayhem Mal’ Knox, who wrote a song about being arrested by the Pittsburgh police in which they not only rapped "Let's kill these cops cuz they don't do us no good," they also mentioned the arresting officer’s names and posted pictures of them in a music video.

I am tired of all the clout chasing, want to be famous in the vein of Martin Luther King and Malcom X, Jussie Smollett always on their period type cats. You need to fall back if you ever rapped about killing cops, pimping hoes, groupie’s, incessant misogyny and saying bitches ain’t shit but ho’s and tricks. Fall back if you so sensitive that it is okay for you rap about ‘I'll choke yo ass out like Dre did that bitch’ and ‘if a nigga pull upon me at the light and it's a choppa in site ‘but you don ran out of tampons because some rightly in their opinion, called a trash chorus trash. If you ever been ordered to pay for sexually assaulting a woman and singing about killing and calling black people n#### every other word, you need to fall back too.

This is truly the age of the BITICHIFICATION of black men in America. Stop complaining so much and direct your attention on real and serious issues.  Racism I hate to tell you isn’t that big a deal when you look at real concerns confronting the black community.  You need to cut off your TVs and stop getting histrionic when you hear something you don’t like. You do not have the right to tell or decide for others what they want to watch or see. This is the epitome of hypocrisy, rappers against free speech – this is truly the woken dead.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Lady Macbeth was a bitch. She is one of Shakespeare’s most ill-famed and downright evil. She was a crafty woman who employed craft and zealous means only available to women to obtain and achieve power - simply put, cruel manipulation at any cost. The root of all of Lady McBeth’s desire is sexism. We see this in several ways, including how she cajoles her husband to go along with her wicked tactics.

Here in the metropolitan Atlanta area, we have a reincarnation of Lady McBeth and her name is Democrat Rep. Lucy McBath. Rep. McBath (D-Ga.) came too prominence after she became a staunch ant-second amendment and gun confiscation proponent after on the day after Thanksgiving in 2012, her 17-year-old son was shot and killed by a white man while sitting in a car with a group of friends at a gas station after an argument of the vehicle occupants playing their music loud. Since that tragic event, she has been able to Georgia's 6th congressional district that was in the hands of Republicans for many, many years prior to her 2018 midterm election victory.

Since becoming a member of the congressional delegation from Georgia. McBath has started to feel herself.  In many ways, like Lady McBeth, Lady McBath has morphed into a frightening female character who is equally ambitious and ruthless. She is a bully and just like Lady McBeth (who manipulates her husband throughout the play, McBath employs a similar approach with anyone who speaks out against her, her policies or disagrees with her.  This is particularly true when it deals with issues of racial injustice and violence against minorities. When one does, she will go on the attack screaming racism or sexism, for that is the standard when someone says something another person doesn’t like or when they want to stifle views antagonistic of theirs.

This past week we saw that when McBath targeted a well-known Atlanta radio host for an innocuous comment suggesting that she go “back to the kitchen.” Upon which she immediately began to campaign fund raise from the statement saying “I've been dealing with these kinds of sexist attacks since day one. Can you help me fight back? Donate.” Seeing this was not enough, she also had radio host suspended without pay. In an interview she stated: “it is definitely indicative of a mindset that just hasn't succumbed to the fact that women are leading the charge politically, women are stepping up, taking our place, having a seat at the table." 

The caricature of McBath is simple, attack by using the language of anti-racist activists. This serves to distract from the fact that she represents the 6th district of Georgia but lives in Tennessee. She would call such a documented truism a sexist or racist attack albeit the Cobb county tax commission has confirmed that she does not meet the standards to call Cobb county her primary residence the three years leading up to her election. Her home remains in Rockford, Tennessee.

Saying “get back in the kitchen” isn’t sexist unless get back into the bedroom, get back into the den or get back in the garage or building is sexist. Neither is “go back to sewing.”  Statistics prove that in the U.S, more women practice sewing than men. This is like saying go back to cutting the grass or changing your oil is sexist.

Our current climate is flawed. Asking for someone to be fired or punished merely for differences in motive, intent and semantics is the new bullying. If lady McBath is a victim, being a member of one of the most elite institute in America, the U.S. country, then anyone on some puzzy ish, can be considered a victim over anything.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

If you do a search on the protest in France, you will find it hard to find any information on the topic although it has been going on each weekend across the entirety of France for twenty weeks.  Do not even attempt to find coverage on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC or CBS because it doesn’t exist. Imagine that, hundreds of thousands take to streets weekly around the nation and it isn’t considered news worthy. To top it off, Macron has responded with strong arm tactics that we would expect from the leader of Saudi Arabia, Sudan or Venezuela. Thousands arrested, hundreds injured and several dead. Macron's government has repressed the Yellow Vest movement violently over going on 22 consecutive weeks. Recently Macron ‘s government banned yellow vest protests from being held along Paris’ Champs-Elysees avenue. Now he has taken it even farther, deciding to mobilize the army on this upcoming Saturday as part of the Yellow Vests rallies.

As I stated, this has been going on for five months. For twenty weeks, tens of thousands have gone and continue to go to the streets of Paris and other French cities on Saturday on behalf of anti-establishment gilets jaunes protests. And as the prior weeks, riot police fired tear gas at protesters across the nation because Macron and his administration do not or cannot acknowledge that most French people, especially outside of Paris, live worse now than they did a few years ago and even worse under Macron. For his part, President Macron and his government, in response to legitimate demands, has given his army permission to shoot at gilets jaunes protesters as if to say the rights of the EU run paramount to the rights of French citizens and that even if you open your eyes, European Democracy is merely an illusion.

Why were the gilets jaunes protesting? First to express their displeasure against government policies they do not desire wants and against increasing fuel prices due to the introduction of green taxes that place the environment over the people. There is also the issue of an increasing the cost of living under a former banker elitist President who not only appears to be but who is out of touch with most of the French. This can only be the case if it was more important to deal with climate change by strapping the common citizen with a carbon tax. 

President Macron is steadily losing control. Although Paris is the 2nd most expensive city in the world, most government employees make on average about $1600 a month on average. To compound this, the average rent of these workers as around $1100 to $1200. These are legitimate concerns yet as opposed to address them, Macron basically declares martial law, bans the freedom of protest and assembly, orders the police to shoot his citizens with rubber bullets and water cannons and put the French military on the streets to protect the rich. Truth be told, Macron has France looking like what we would see in Russia, Argentina or Turkey. Only difference if the media saw it there, they would be up in arms and outraged. Especially the leadership of the EU, they would be calling anyone doing what Macron is doing a despot. Add to this that President Macron has signed into law legislation giving security forces greater powers at demonstrations that opponents claim violate civil liberties, you have the making of a plutocratic Tsar.

Like I said, this should be weekly international news in the U.S., but you will never see a peep on CNN showing any footage of Macron’s police tear gassing and brutalizing unarmed #GiletsJaune (#Yellow Vests) protesters in Paris for the 22th weekend in a row today.  The irony is that Macron is calling the #yellow vests terrorists while calling AL Qaeda in Syria freedom fighters and that he is willing to use repression and military might to quash this movement. However, mainstream western media is too busy lying about no one spied on Trump or promoting disproven Russian election interference to report in such real impactful news. But one can best believe that the yellow vest protests have proved the biggest challenge to French President Emmanuel Macron since he came to power, and they will continue to be for as Huxley wrote, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”.

Friday, April 5, 2019

By practice I am an infectious disease scientist and a behavioral epidemiologist.  As a result, I am well read (or at least trying to become) in the behavioral sciences, one area of which I have a suitable interest is in the history of the behavioral sciences with respect to racism. This has become more of an interest currently in the age of social justice. To put it succinctly, I consider modern social justice warriors to be reinvigorating an age I considered long past and dead, the age of scientific racism.

Scientific racism as a school of thought, practice and research advances the supposition that certain groups, particularly Blacks, are different and less intelligent when compared to other racial ethnic groups especially Whites, although immutable, that these differences are unchangeable, innate, genetic and will exist regardless of any other actions or events. It is evident that these beliefs are reemerging in the class of progressives, in specific the younger generation. I say this because what is visible, is that claims of truth, not based on fact, are leading to behaviors and policy that are following the guidance of what we saw in the scientific racism and eugenic communities of decades prior. If one proclaims that they are Black and therefore I will always be this or that or oppressed, poor, economically disadvantaged and a victim, or that you are White and you will always be this or that, smart, wealthy and privileged based on characteristics one cannot change, you are essentially arguing the same logic that scientific racist and eugenicist did scores of years prior.

It may not be obvious at first, but this is a dangerous supposition for this form of reductionism occurs because people in the delusion that they are doing good, employ race to exact and refer to the distribution of a character of an individual based on the group as a collective.  In this model there is no room for individual differences and even worse, personal responsibility. In addition, it merges the unfitness of social outcomes with biological outcomes, which scientifically are mutually exclusive.

More than 70 years ago, these same principles were being touted as standard settled science. Among example eugenicist, races were observed in hierarchies and divided into distinct groups such as the Nordic and Mediterranean Europeans to which social characteristics were ascribed. Social justice warriors of today continue these same practices and divide or group people based on race and consequently ascribe social characteristics to said groups based on skin pigmentation singularly. Strange seeing that if one truly desired to combat racism, maintaining artificial collective difference of a group based on skin color over the uniqueness of the individual is not the most advantageous way to go about such. Instead it only extubates the existence of racial dogma, albeit unverified scientifically to exist, that furthers dived people based on race and reduces the opportunity for open discussion about race.

It is as if proponents of social justice and identity politics do not see or know that they are advancing the contemporary notion of race born out of Darwinism, David Hume, Sir Francis Galton, Johann Blumenbach and Carl Linnaeus. They either are unaware or do not notice that they are presenting a social definition on presumed cultural and physical differences of which are the same ones that laid the foundation for how we understand race and racism presently.

Unfortunately, this ambiguity is not only unscientific and not empirical but unsafe. It is this type of thinking that justified the oppression Blacks, colonization, slavery and imperialism based on skin color. It led to Margret Sanger and planned parenthood and the belief that Blacks should be exterminated. It led to Nazi Germany carrying out of eugenics programs which resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, blacks and the sterilization of tens of thousands of others.

These social justice warriors do not see how their worship of identity politics only serves to venerate white supremacy and validate acceptable yet unique cultural and behavioral characteristics unrelated to biological determinism. Sadly, they continue to enact nonsensical behavior in the name of justice when what they spew only inoculates racial injustice.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

It is an objective historical fact that one of the more noxious and defiling contribution Democrats inflected on Blacks in America was the concept of segregation based on separate but equal. This was a consequence of White Democrats (nationwide) desire to keep the races separate. Before the Civil war, there was no reason to have laws segregation blacks or slaves from whites, it was the de facto outcome of the peculiar institution.  However, after the war, unattested fears of Blacks being unfit to exist in a civilized white world in concert with being consider brute who posed threats to white women, states (mostly in the South) started to put laws and ordinances on the books that legalized racial segregation in public facilities. Nine states, from 1887 to 1992 implemented such laws which would extend segregation principles in public facilities including but not limited to parks, restaurants, trains, schools, cemeteries, and theatres. In aggregate, these were called Jim Crow and they persisted from the 1870s into the 1950s.

The civil rights movement in the U.S., especially the south, was started to end the practice of segregation. However, Democrats fought tooth and nail against this and eventually had to concede defeat when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. However, it seems that history has a funny way of repeating itself and the same liberal progressive actors that introduced the norm of segregation more than 140 years ago are back at it again, yet this time with a unique co-conspirator.

It seems that segregation is all the rage presently, on U.S. colleges and universities. Now true, there has always been some form of (self) segregation on predominately white college campuses by different racial and ethnic groups, especially Blacks, but the way in which it is happening now is an indignity to those that pushed so hard to disprove the fallacy of separate being agnate to equal. Across America, because of identarian politics, post-modernism and political correctness, white progressives have been able to reinject the infectious prion of race differences in Black behavior that promotes and support segregation. As Alfred Edmond, Jr wrote, “Segregation was never good for black people. We were not better off during Jim Crow. Not even a little bit. Those who wax nostalgically about how we thrived during segregation and leveraged it to our economic advantage to support and sustain healthy, strong black communities are just straight-up wrong.”

The new standard is to promote and engender social division as opposed to encourage collective assimilation. From California State University to the University of Connecticut (where there will even be a dormitory specifically for males who identify as black) separate but equal is being promulgated as acceptable. It doesn’t stop there. From no white allowed pool parties to a Black Georgia Mayor Banning White Reporters from Press Conference to Black only graduations at Harvard, the nonsense borders of something that should be outlined as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic manual of mental disorders. Last I heard, institutions of higher learning were supposed to be places where young adults. In contrast, Black students seem to want to stick their heads in the sand or retract in their turtle shell away from the real world they will eventually have to function in.

This in my view, just serves to polarize and fracture the social fabric of the U.S. We cannot ignore that there is an existential value in learning from others that have different perspectives on issues with which we are all concerned with? Why is it okay to assign acceptable bias to non-whites while simultaneously assign negative bias regarding race to whites? This is as stupid as it is inconsistent. What does skin color have to do with thoughts, ideas, competence or ability? Boy, history certainly has a bazaar way of repeating itself.

Monday, April 1, 2019

It is indeed a very sad day when any black person is taken from this world before the age of 35 for any reason. It is even worse for those under 25 and 15 years of age. To acknowledge this in our community means sending prayers to the victim’s family and love ones.  It means extending a support that they may need honestly and sincerely. If one is a celebrity, then it means blessings in the age of twitter in the form of tweets lauding them as if they were the greatest and kindest person ever. Simple it means virtue signaling to the herd mentality.

This morning, as I sat on the toilet reading the multiple news feeds on my phone, I read that LA rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered in a hail of gun fire in front of one of his businesses. As the word spread, virtue signaling in the form of 280 characters or less began pouring in. John Legend said “RIP Nipsey.  I just spent Thursday with him filming a video for a beautiful new song we created with Khaled.  We filmed in Inglewood, close to where he grew up. He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community.  Utterly stunned that he's gone so soon.” “My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God, may His spirit Rest in Peace and May You grant divine comfort to all his loved ones” Rihanna tweeted. Meek Mill added: “we really fighting for our lives against our own kind and really have to take risk and match the level of hatred that we are born in I’m tired prayers for my brother and his family.” I could continue but you get the message. Any additional listing would only be nauseating but take it from me, everyone from LeBron James to Jada Pinkett Smith had something to say. My good friend and former colleague Rodney Carmichael at NPR described him as a “Grammy-Nominated Rapper and Philanthropist.”

It is true that Nipsey had turned his life around and had become a change for good. But I asked myself as I read the inundation of tweets, let us suppose he had been killed by a white policeman, what would the tweets may have said then, instead of an alleged African-American fellow gang banger? What virtue should be signaled then? I’m certain anyone wish prayers in the first scenario would be vilified.  Wishes of prayers for cops killing black men are useless and pathetic, but when we kill each other they are the right thing to do. Not to mention since he has changed his life for the better what he did before doesn’t matter and isn’t important in explaining who he is as a person, but if it was some other person, who may have dressed like Bruce Lee twenty years ago, or touched a woman on their booty, especially being non-black, it would synthetic hashtag outrage.

Now I am not bashing Nipsey and as a man feel for his family, but the thinker in me is attracted to hypocrisy. Think about it, no mass protest will be arranged for this man, but if he had been killed by a cop I am sure it would. Moreover, let us not forget that he was a member of the Rollin' 60s Crips (a life time membership) and openly demonstrated this on the cover of his Bullets Ain't Got No Name series in 2008. His new album continued his preoccupation with calling folk N*****, the drug game, materialism, street life and yes – set tripping. Take the lyrics from the song Succa Proof from his latest album Victory Lap: Look, I don't fuck what you niggas done, I don't give a fuck where you niggas from, For you and your mouth go and get a gun, Leave you slumped on the scene, that's a hit and run, Oh y'all Bloods, oh y'all Crips now, Fuck it, I'm big draws, I'm J. Prince now.”

Again, I repeat this is a sad lose. He was doing big things in the community and holding down his family like men should do, both being the images we as men should incessantly present to our communities. However, we have problems that only we can address. However, this requires us be honest with ourselves, leaving hypocrisy behind and acknowledging that they exist. Yes, racism exist, but it isn’t our biggest obstacle or problem, that would be us. We know that homes with two parents and fathers in them are likely not to be in poverty, have kids drop out of high school, less likely to have a daughter pregnant before graduation, are more likely to go to college and male children are less likely to get caught up in the criminal justice system. WE KNOW THIS, yet we act as if this is because of systemic racism.  Last I looked systemic racism had nothing to do with using a condom, keeping your legs closed, saying no to having unprotected sex, doing homework with your children and not using the television set as a baby sitter. We know that African American males represent about 6 percent of the U.S. population but commit almost 40% of murders and comprise nearly 60% of all murder victims (Another reason why our homicide rate is four times the U.S. average).

There was NO reason we as a community and nation should have lost such a prosperous soul as Nipsey Hussle. But if we do not address why this type of senseless outcome keeps occurring, whether rich or poor or famous or joe citizen, we will never make any progress.  We should be equally upset for Nipsey as we do Darion Strong. We should be equally upset for HeavenSutton as we are Oscar Grant. But none of this will ever change if we put out in the universe that the death of a black by a white person is more valuable, interesting and important than a death of a black person by another black person. The more these liberals hypnotize blacks to keep on virtue signaling (the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue), the less likely we will have the desire and power to acknowledge and solve our own problems, and the more we live in areas like Baltimore where only 13 percent of city students are considered proficient in In fourth and eighth grade reading and one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, last year, had zero students proficient in math. RIP NIP, we will make something good out of this.

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