Thursday, February 2, 2017

Long time ago during World War I, some cats in Russia started to show their disdain for the ruling aristocracy. Led by Vladimir Lenin, these leftist revolutionaries called themselves the Bolsheviks.  By all accounts of the historical record, there was merit to their actions insofar as Russia had been under imperial rule for almost 200 years. The Bolsheviks represented the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party who supported political change by any and all means including militarism. They promised their followers that they would redistribute the land and wealth to address the massive income inequality of their time and by doing such, improve the conditions of all in the working class. Through massive protest, strikes and vandalizing property of the state and ruling class, ultimately Nicholas II was forced to abdicate, ending centuries of czarist rule.  Eventually, in 1917 Lenin rose to become basically the dictator of the first Marxist state in the world.

Today in the United States, the facade of a similar nature is on the rise.  Strangely as well, the foundation for this outrage is neither grounded in reason or logic but rather pure emotions – emotions of hate and dislike for the newly elected President of the United stated of America Donald Trump.  I say this for like the Bolsheviks or most movements grounded on singular ideology, the U.S. modern progressive left are so caught up on their beliefs and what they believe that they never consider the beliefs, views and perspectives of others without their views as being valid.  It is for them binary – all or none, my way or no way at all there for I am legitimate and justified to take any action I desire. Just as with the divides between the Bolsheviks prior to 1917,  they spend more time yelling and protesting than actually trying to communicate or get their beliefs out to the folk they claim to protest on behalf of.

And protest are effective, but how is one to know what they are protesting or desire to change if it is not conversed to the masses?  How can such be effective if through social, mass and mainstream media outlets the visual relayed is burning buildings, smashing car windows and vandalizing property?  How can it be communicated to the mass of citizenry who do not agree with you if you shut down first amendment rights such as free speech? Doesn’t diversity in addition to race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation also include political views?

Liberal by definition means being open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. Thus a liberal university for example is by definition supposed to be an institution of higher learning that concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience as it pertains to the world around them, not just what they believe or feel comfortable around.  One could not tell that this was the case operationally at the University of California Berkeley yesterday. UC Berkeley is supposedly one of the most “liberal” and “progressive” universities in America but I have learned that if one ascribes from a dissimilar opinion that the majority (mob) maintains (rule), you are not welcomed, disliked, threatened with violence and even worse not allowed to speak. Once upon a time, universities were places where all folk and anyone could sit down, talk and listen to each other without retribution.  Not today.  Now exchanging different perspectives may hurt someone’s feelings to the extent they need a puppy to pet or a safe space; places where there is only one side to all topics, either you are right or wrong – no exceptions. And anyone that dares to abrogate this unspoken code will be attacked and highly likely subjugated to violent retribution because the words spoken by anyone with a differing perspective than these cats are terrifying, in particular if these individuals think for themselves and form their own opinions. For if one has control of language and vocabulary and is well-read (the latter being not hard to be now days), you may actually persuade them to think differently which makes throwing rocks and setting fires a more acceptable expression for them when they disagree and are frightened.

The funny thing is that the Democrats do not even recognize that it is these such behaviors that have given America Trump and a republican controlled House and Senate. These actions in particular their intolerance is what has lost them state legislatures and governorship's nationwide. They believe that since they control music, Hollywood and other celebrity spheres of reality that they are the dominant mainstream ideology – this is maniacal and false. They compare Trump to Hitler but do not know Hitler was never elected to office by the German people.  Instead that he was appointed to be Chancellor of Germany by Paul von Hindenburg and did not assume the position of President until 1934 upon the death of Hindenburg, making himself Fuhrer of Germany when he combined the office of Chancellor and President.

Even more comical is that the people who are afraid of Trump are on the surface even more vile, bigoted and hateful that the man they claim to oppose for the very same reasons.  So much so that it is not uncommon for members on the anti-Trump left to call for open murder as one woman recently did, who claims to be a pre-school teacher, saying it was time to start killing people, starting at the White House.

The Bolshevik and like-minded cultural Marxist have arisen in the United States and I fear they are here to stay. I just hope they do not take us to the same outcome of authoritarianism they yielded in Russia.  It was alleged that Winston Churchill once stated: “The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists,” I guess he may have been spot on with that.


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