Saturday, November 12, 2016

It is obvious that a sizeable corpus of US citizens are still walking around in a daze, shell shocked for lack of a better phrase after the stunning (for some) upset defeat of the Hillary Clinton and DNC campaign machine to novice Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States of America.  Not me, in fact I expected such.

Sure, this was an anti-beltway, anti-establishment and anti-elite election outcome, but even more so, it was against corporatism.  I know many may find this a difficult assertion to understand, and will say “but Trump is a billionaire” – and you are correct. However being a billionaire isn’t the same as being a corporatist.  Trump made his money in Real estate via a private company, not through hedge funds, big banks, or Wall Street financial institutions. These are corporations, therefore he is not beholden to the strings that come with having to depend on them for money in any form or fashion as a Hillary Clinton and most House members regardless of party affiliation.

See folk whom were surprised and even upset are removed, far removed from the daily activity associated with the lives of average Americans, in particular those that don’t regular frequent Starbucks or shop at Wholefoods, don’t use Uber and who live in country and rural areas. They don’t know what it is like to chop down a tree on their property and pull out the chainsaw and sell a couple of cords for a little pocket change, or for whom going out mean eatting at Waffle House or buying BarBQ from the black dude parked on the side of the road with a big grill on the back of his F-150.  These the cats that voted for Trump.  If my small town of 2300 is an example, I can speak for a fact that these folk ain’t racist, bigots or intolerant.  They are black, white, Asian, Latino and Hispanics.  In fact everyone in my town, White, Black, Asian or Hispanic were pro-Trump and proud.

They are straight talking people with no pomp or circumstance.  They don’t get turned off by words for actions speak louder.  They are not hypocrites: unlike the cats whom hold disdain for Trump’s perceived misogynistic statements but be up in the club or be bumping the misogyny of Lil Wayne, Drake or Jay-Z and knowing, as well as singing along with each word, if not shaking they azz in the club and don’t even include shake booty joints. Yes, this election was about the rural versus urban, country versus city divide equally.

The mainstream media and press have been dealing with Hillary so long she was basically consider as one of their own – one of them. There is a different set of values imbued in people who do their own plumbing when there is a leaky pipe, change their own oil on their truck and do their own dry walling when they need to patch a hole in a wall when compared to people that typically do not know how to do or take care of themselves in such a manner.
Image result for newsweek madam presidentThis is what pollsters have either avoided or forgotten about. When you sample mostly city and urban areas, these type of people are lost in the mix and you will have more college-educated people in your sample albeit they may not be representative of the population of “likely voters” which means you have zero external validity. This is the main reason why it is often disremembered that polls are not and can never be scientific because they are not systematic. There is no systematic standard for any poll.  Having your temperature or blood pressure taken is a systematic process because the standard method of calibration remains the same regardless of time. Unlike this, polls base their standards on prior elections which are always changing and included different proportions based on who voted in the past – this is neither scientific nor systematic. Most pollsters and statistical models gave Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning more than 90%. This was true all over – especially for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. What happened is that these folk oversampled and adjusted their polls to give them the result they wanted instead of the result that would be true. This is not scientific for it is not objective.

But such reflects the frowzy dispositions of inherent bias and isolation proffered by urban city dwellers.  See, cats like us are seen by them as living in the places they fly over going form New York City to Miami, or Portland to Chicago. They look down from 35,000 feet and just see land, not people – this is how out of touch they are. For them, we are just cats to mock, laugh at, call ignorant and backwards. This is modern journalism and political punditry at its best – smug and contemptuous for much of the electorate because it is easier to call folk names like racists and sexists as opposed to get to know them. Why, because it is easier to think for us because they are smarter and know better. THIS is true bigotry. We ain’t followers the way mainstream elite desire for us to be, we not the kind of folk that shut up and get in line because we are told too (See President Obama as Example number one).

For me it is not the name calling that is the worse part, it is the fact that inside the belt way and other city like folk in the media and politics don’t even try, or make an effort to really try and understand folk like us. Facts are only facts when they spout them even when absent of reason and logic.  For example, the folk the media and punditry class are calling racist Trump supporters the same Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania voters who supported Obama in 2008. Many were the same who supported Sander’s over Clinton as well.  Were they racist, sexist and bigots when they supported him?

Time for city cats to wake up.  There is no post truth era. The truth is (unlike those giving the analysis) that the majority of Americans ain’t making six figures a year let alone getting six figures to give a speech for 30 minutes.  They are the 70 plus percent of households making less than $60,000 a year. So GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS, stop whining and crying. Man up and don’t be such a puzzy you act as if this is a shock when it wasn’t. It were you city folk that decided to poll each other (mostly college educated folk). So deal with it, you haters were on our bodies, so we shook you off – OOOUUU.


  1. I'm so sick of the "I can change my own oil" irrelevant argument. I grew up in a town of 9k. I live in Chicago now and work full time while attending law school. So I don't change my own oil/fix my own car. I know how to drive a car. Do you think that makes me qualified to be, or even vote for the head of GM? Should I decide what kind of car everyone is best off driving from now on? You're negating your own argument. If educated city folk can't comprehend manual labor then uneducated rural people can't comprehend running a damn country.

  2. What is your interpretation of the quote from MLK Jr you have posted: "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"?

    And what do you think is going to happen when the great unwashed finally figure out they've been hoodwinked?

  3. Hoodwinked is an understatement T supporters so obsessed w voting against regular politicians they ignored T's record of SCR***g his contractors, workers, & even disabled family members-he is incapable of humor or empathy-only cares about profit-thinks every aspect govt must be run like a business for profit-unable to understand that profit wastes tax $$ by diverting taxes to 1%ers who R executives & Stockholders. Does it really make sense to privatize SOC Sec, VA, police, prisons, fore departments, military, every govt agency? That's his goal!

  4. Hoodwinked is an understatement T supporters so obsessed w voting against regular politicians they ignored T's record of SCR***g his contractors, workers, & even disabled family members-he is incapable of humor or empathy-only cares about profit-thinks every aspect govt must be run like a business for profit-unable to understand that profit wastes tax $$ by diverting taxes to 1%ers who R executives & Stockholders. Does it really make sense to privatize SOC Sec, VA, police, prisons, fore departments, military, every govt agency? That's his goal!

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