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I have a lot of respect for my historical past as an African American. However, I do not agree with the current apotheosis of advocacy for reparations. I find it disdainfully disgusting to ask the personal collective responsible for my historical subjugation and oppression for a hand out and to deliver me from evil like he some lord and savior.  It is as if I am admitting I can’t do anything on my own and that I need the white man to make it in this world to have success. This goes against all I know through examples like Robert Brown Elliot, John Roy Lynch, Charles Hamilton Houston and the men in my family. Unfortunately for overtly positing my aversion to the prior, I will be relegated to serve as a punching bag for those who will disagree with my position.

As a group, self-proclaimed black liberal minded folks are not as tolerant as they claim. In fact, they are extremely intolerant. They always speak of diversity, but that only refers to your skin color, genetic sex and/or who you bone. It is all cosmetic for they will not tolerate diversity expressed in the form of perspectives and alternative views.  First, if you even propose a statement of fact against reparations, to question them doesn’t just mean you are wrong, it means you are a bad person. Especially if you are Black. If so, anticipate the typical references of Uncle Tom, Sambo, and traitor to follow you as opposed to engagement on the substance of your argument. For if you challenge their belief, in this case against reparations, you are part of the problem and this will be reflected in an epistemological push back with respect of how we make claims of truth. It was John Stuart Mills who noted that if you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing.

Many of the people advocating for reparations clearly have not thought it out. From their perspective, read some Ta nehisi Coates, get a few white democratic presidential hopefuls to add it to their platform and calling those in disagreement racist bigots is all that is required to provide clarity.  I can never get simple questions answer, maybe therefore it seems easier to call me names. Who will pay for? Will whites who migrated to America after slavery be required to pay? Will Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese Americans pay? Will Blacks immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean be eligible, or will they have to pay? Will it be all whites, or just the 25 percent of white southerners who owned slaves? If you cut a check, will it be to organizations or individuals? Will they come from the government or corporations? This was tried less than a decade ago in Farmer-Paellmann v. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (2007) and prior in Farmer-Paellmann v. FleetBoston et al. (2002). The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant corporations (FleetBoston Financial Corporation, Aetna and CSX Corporation, First Boston, Chase Bank, J.P. Morgan & Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, Lloyd's of London, Loews, New York Life, Norfolk Southern, Reynolds American, Union Pacific, Westpoint Stevens and others), or their predecessors, had ties to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and were unjustly enriched from unpaid slave labor. The case started because while in law school, Farmer-Paellmann learned of Aetna's role in insuring slaves. Out of curiosity, she asked Aetna for copies of old policies documenting the practice, which Aetna sent to her. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 35 million African-Americans seeking compensatory and punitive damages. It also sought financial payments for the value of "stolen" labor and unjust enrichment and calls for the companies to give up "illicit profits."

I must admit this was a reasonable and logically valid effort for reparations and completely in opposition to the present call.  Presently, even more comical is the focus on the rational for reparations to be due to a racial wealth gap via wealth redistribution. Sure, I will take a check, but I will not be giving it back to express a form of vapid consumerism to buy stuff I do not need to impress folks I do not know. But if the precept is that this will even address the racial wealth gap, how will it do so and what will be the recourse if it does not? My take is that it will do nothing to address or even fix the issues we have unobjectively blamed for the economic disparity between blacks and others. I would even argue that days, weeks and months after reparations, after they cut you that check that nothing will change. Nothing because 72% of black kids will still be born to single mother households, 62% of abortions in Georgia will still be performed on Black women although they comprise 30 percent of the state population, Black women will still be five times more likely to have an abortion, 90 percent of Black twelfth graders will still not score proficient in Math, 75 percent of Black boys in California will not meet state standards in reading, black males will still comprise the majority of homicide victims in New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis and nationwide and the  jails and prisons will still be overflowing with Black bodies. Money will never address the historical subjugation we have experienced historically nor; would any price be adequate for such subjugation. In fact, I find it offensive for someone to attempt to place a dollar figure on the historical oppression of the descendants of slaves.

The problem is if we are giving material exchange for the past sins of slavery, what will be our recourse if poverty, dropout and incarceration rates do not change or possibly get worse? You got your check and the white man, the state or the government can wipe their hands clean of any future responsibility for the ills of our community. Why? Because we failed to realize our problems currently are self-inflicted, cultural and decades removed from slavery, but our learned helplessness won’t allow to see such, or stand up and empower ourselves.

In my view, we can do more for ourselves than white folk or the government. Only we can fix ourselves and our community. The government is not designed or required to make people wealthy, they only take peoples wealth. We need to stop watching TV more than other ethic groups including Nigerian Americans and we need to change our spending habits – there is a reason we spend more on name brand European automobiles than whites and Asians. In the early twentieth century more than a dozen states had laws on the books that prevented Asians (mainly Chinese) from owning land and lasted until the early 1950s. Yet some twenty years later they were out earning whites and continue to do so to this day. Ours is not an issue of fiscal capital but rather moral capital. All things consistent and regardless of race, children with fathers in the home are way less likely to end up incarcerated or pregnant and way more likely to finish school, attend college and live above the poverty line. Reparations will do nothing to address or redress our collective ills, and if we can’t see that, no amount of money will have the efficacy or utility to assist us if we don’t take responsibility for the harm we continue to inflict upon ourselves, removed from the government and more importantly, the white man. If stating the above makes me an uncle Tom Sambo, then I’ll be that. Miss me mane, I beg no white man for shit.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

There has been a targeted purge going on that has dramatically increased over the past two years. It involves activists who claim to be journalist from Alt-left media outlets pushing energetically to have conservative views of any form demonetized, deplatformed and censored because they make cogent and rational arguments to fundamental positions they hold and more importantly, they are being attended to by the public more than the extensions of legacy news outlets. In many respects, it reminds me of a book I read many years ago and have just recently re-read, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The book is about a dystopia American future in which firemen no longer put out fires but rather start them because there job now is to burn books.
In Fahrenheit 451, there are two sections of dialogue that remind me of how out of control far left activist have gone toward the destruction of free speech. The first, near the beginning of the book occurs when Guy Montag meets Clarisse. She becomes the first person to get him to think outside of his normal sphere simply by suggest he start to think than by telling what to think when she suggested to him that there was a man in the moon “if you look.” The next is when Montag is speaking with Faber and Faber points out, “I don’t talk things sir. I talk the meaning of things."
Today Guy Montag assumes the form of notable (just barely) members of major progressive news outlets journalist staff.  I use the word journalist loosely because they are activist masquerading as journalist for they have a hidden agenda. These include but are not limited to individuals such as Vox’s Carlos Maza and the New York Time’s Kevin Roose. These are now the firemen of 2019 - they are burners of books and the authorized censors of the state with the phoenix disc on their chest. Although these individuals are not literally burning books, if they could they would.  They are directing their silencing campaigns at big technocratic corporations the likes of Twitter, Facebook and most of all, YouTube. They seem to object to the ‘You’ in the title and conveniently ignore that it is called such for a reason instead of “MainstreamLegacyMediaTube.”
Maza recently attacked Youtuber Stephen Crowder because Crowder made jokes about him and mocked him while at the same time logically dismembering Maza’s poorly constructed Vox videos. Since he was unable to use logic to refute Crowder, Maza decided to call Big Brother too do his work for him and claim a joke directed toward him was the same as a joke directed toward all people like himself (which he describes among other things as being Gay and an Anchor Baby). Even when YouTube demonetized Crowder’s show, Carlos Maza was not happy stating: “Demonetizing doesn’t work.  Abusers use it as proof they're being "discriminated" against. Then they make millions off selling merch, doing speaking gigs, and getting their followers to support them on Patreon. The ad revenue isn't the problem. It's the platform.” This lets anyone with a brain see that he wants Crowder's show gone (burned) forever and that the problem is in his mind (his multi billion media corporation NBC) is not what he openly indicates but rather the competition YouTube as a platform provides. They want to end all competition with independent content creators who make a living via advertising on the platform and end any expression of views that go against their left leaning progressive liberal narrative.
After the 2016 election, and a significant come to Jesus period of mourning, the left decided they did not want this too happen again, that they had to reclaim power and place the head of all thought back in the big urban cities on the East and West Coast. So, before 2020, they wanted to make sure that they would be the only narrative accessible which meant no Conservative narrative would be tolerated. They would need to attack, discredit and invalidate all such content by name calling and playing the victimhood card of intersectional identitarianism. So, if you are against cultural Marxism, the sciences of Biology and Genetics, modern day feminism, pro-life, anti-war, pro-immigration reform, pro-border security and being proud of being an American, you were now a bigot, racist, homophobe, transgenderphobe, Nazi fascist. To take it a step further, if you dare state your position and argue it reasonably, you had and must go because only they, the representatives of the main stream elitist media, were and are the authoritarian sources (Orwellian) of the Ministry of Truth and therefore know what’s right and acceptable beliefs we are to have. To them all the rest of us are dumb and they are smart and know better and what is best. And what is best? Having 100 percent reach on the internet, no expressed views in opposition of theirs, collecting all the advertising revenue and being artificially pushed to the top of all search results.
If you think this is nonsense, take the New York Time Front page story a few weeks ago. It would take too much time for me to thoroughly dissect they article so I will only mention that it represents modern day Newspeakean propaganda. It also appears that in addition to the press, the big Silicon Valley technocrats and their worker ants are also in on the purge.  To them, having any conservative belief (God, men and women are different, etcetera) makes one automatically an Alt-right, nationalist white supremist racist, Nazi bigot, even if you are Black or Jewish.  Pinterest for example recently were exposed via an undercover whistle blower interview that they consider Candance Owens and Ben Shapiro as “white supremist” albeit they are black and Jewish accordingly. The Daily Beast was so upset that a person slowed down a video of Nancy Pelosi, they asked Facebook to give them his private information, which they did, so they could doxx (search for and publish private or identifying information about (‘a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent’).  They were so upset that “a proud member of Trump’s razor-thin African American support base,” who is “currently on probation for domestic battery” made a joke about one of the costal democratic progressive elites that they felt this was news worthy. What is frightening is that a news organization - The Daily Beast, asked for and got Facebook to give over private information to Doxx a Black man as if this was the 1960 democrat run South, this is very unsettling. If they can do it to him, they can do it to anyone. It doesn’t stop there,
Google Executives were recently exposed admitting both to by regulating and suppressing conservative voices and content creators across its YouTube and Google News by using “Machine Learning Fairness.” This is the new age: only one belief is permitted, if it is conservative or Pro-Trump, you are banished to the wilderness and labeled without evidence to be a bigoted racist.  See Ravelry, a knitting craft-based web site has officially banned any views that are pro-Trump on its platform suggesting that any "Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy." Eye level hypocrisy and an obvious contradiction given that one of their most popular pages is anti-Trump - The PussyHat Project pattern by Kat Coyle (The plot being anti-Trump is permitted but pro-Trump is not). This is the playbook
Before he was banned from YouTube, Alex Jones Infowars had 2.4 million subscribers. As such, he was a threat, as well as other independent content creators to the major news outlets. He was not banned until incessant calls from so-called journalist the likes of CNN reporter Oliver Darcy finally were entertained and accepted without evidence. The goal is to remove all the competition and like that, it is the belief of mainstream media that viewers will return.  Let us look at some of the numbers. In terms of YouTube subscribers, The New York Times (1,972,851 subscribers), MSNBC (1,738,914 subscribers), CBS News (1,718,419 subscribers), NBC News (1,287,521 subscribers), Washington Post (700,741 subscribers), HuffPost (554,127 subscribers) and The Daily Beast (27,448 subscribers) seem to be doing very well until you compare these multi-million and billionaire corporations with hundreds and thousands of employees to some of the top independent YouTube content creators (Philip DeFranco (6,403,884 subscribers), Joe Rogan (5,649,940 subscribers), Steven Crowder (3,992,090 subscribers), PragerU (2,187,930 subscribers), Jordan Peterson (2,113,541 subscribers) ,Dave Rubin (1,009,974 subscribers), Ben Shapiro (769,025 subscribers), The Jimmy Dore Show (575,016 subscribers), Black Pigeon Speaks (528,668 subscribers), Tim Pool (526,581 subscribers), Anthony Brian Logan (Black Conservative with 294,421 subscribers) and Jon Miller (Black Conservative with 160,189 subscribers)). This is the fear and reason why the call of de-platforming from the left is more than an issue of fake white supremacy, bigotry and hate speech. Lie I said they want their viewership back, but this will not happen. The people have seen through their Wizard of Oz curtain and are gone forever.
All the above demonstrate the desire of the Silicon Valley elite to erase any voice that is discordant from their leftist corporate narrative. In the case of Google and YouTube, they are not targeting hate speech but rather the speech of ideas they hate which allows them to delete operative counterarguments that go against the chronicle of the mainstream media. Just take what is being watched. According to Nielsen Media Research, viewership and ratings for CNN, MSNBC and other major progressive and liberal leaning news organizations are in a steady downfall. Mainly because many can see their desire to drive a political narrative and agenda as opposed to presenting straight news. Therefore, people are more and more seeking alternative independent outlets via YouTube for their information.
The world wanted by the Maza’s, Darcy’s and others are like the 2026 Allendale, California described by Bradbury. It is a world without books, dissent and ideas but rather one filled with compliance and conformity. The point of Fahrenheit 451 was simple. It revealed that in a world without ideas, everyone conforms, and as a result, everyone should be happy. But when it must be obtained by burning books and preventing the formulation of new ideas, in tee process you end up destroying culture. Bradbury himself said it best: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” His point was that the nature of man is to standout over the crowd and be an individual first by being someone who can think for themselves and one that values community and family. It is our nature to be individuals above and before the group. And this unfortunately, cannot be allowed or tolerated by the mainstream media establishment, for to do so would take away their power, their power to control what we all think.  

Friday, May 31, 2019

Abstruse means difficult to understand.  I was called abstruse once when attempting to explain the distinction between index coefficients in canonical correlation analysis compared to those in standard structural equation modeling. From that one day in class more than 25 years ago, I still have a fondness for the term as an apt descriptive of myself. Personally, I do not consider my plane spoken comportment to be difficult to understand, but rather that most outside of the world of science, do not abide by taking one’s words as what they mean and are stated to mean. Many cases this is because people have bias that frequently prevent them from acknowledging facts that they too may be aware of but typically avoid because they do not support or confirm to their personal, political or philosophical narrative. Consequently, many consider that my views on race in 21st century America, as a Black man too are abstruse in the age of Black Lives Matter and continuous charges of seeing racism everywhere someone goes.

Today, race and racism are seen around every corner. Whether if it is the orcs in Lord of the Rings or asking a group of black men with a history of dining and dashing to pay before they are served. Whenever a cop, especially a white cop shoots or kills a Black man, it is an instant racist success. Are any of these truly racist acts or are they rooted in common sense? If a group of white men with a history of dining and dashing were confronted by a Black person, would it still be racist? I ask this because for many Blacks in America, it seems they consider the biggest obstacle to success and achievement in America is racism. I vehemently disagree.

First, as one born in segregation in the deep south, nothing that we as Black folk confront, even the police is as racist as it was in the late 1950s and 1960s – NOTHING. For people to form an organization as if this is a real problem is sinister, superficial and disingenuous and I can provide elucidation on this. In 2017, there were 1147 killings by police of which 149 were unarmed including 49 Blacks and 51 whites. There are approximately 900,000 law enforcementofficers in the U.S., a nation with 328.7 million citizens of which 47.4 million (14.6%) are black and of that 21.5 million (48% of Blacks) are male. Using simple math, this means there was 1 Black killed for every 6.5 million U.S. citizens, 1 for approximately every 967,000 Black citizens and 1 for every 438,000 Black male citizens. When the same analysis is conducted using drowning, of which 2,760 Blacks died because of drowning, this accounted for 1 out of 118,000 U.S. citizens, 1 out of every 17,000 Black citizens and 1 out of every 7,700 Black male citizens. Thus, the query, if Black lives mattered, wouldn’t or shouldn’t drowning be higher than Blacks killed by police?

Such analysis is factual yet remain ignored. I have done similar analysis with Black accident victims, those of cardiovascular disease deaths and Black homicide victims – all way more significant that Blacks killed by police. I am not saying that this is not a problem, but rather it is disingenuous to say this is a major problem. But when I consider Black kids shooting each other, maternal mortality, poor education outcomes in the form of dropout rates and reading and math proficiency, poverty, health and employment, police killing Blacks isn’t that important and is more so an outcome of our learned helplessness.

The modern world view that appears to be only applicable to Blacks born in America is that we are helpless and cannot do for ourselves without the pity of whites. This nature is never applied to Jews, Koreans, Jamaicans, Nigerians or Chinese, just us. It is as if we have been taught as Black people that racism is more important than it is or that we have been taught over the past few decades that Blacks in America are the ONLY and first race in history to be proud to think we cannot succeed unless we have ideal conditions. Think about it, it suggests that because we are having problems we will never achieve or have success. It seems to be forgotten that we as a people had success even with Jim Crow and segregation. It is the goal of racist to implant such ideas to make us obsess about racism, even subtle, that we cannot succeed until racism is obviated. This is neurotic and illogical.

Yes, white privilege is real, but how does Black folk always talking about it solve our problems? Unfortunately, when you address it, you are attacked. Take the example of Bill Cosby. Cosby said what our parents and grand parents said. Be responsible, take care of your kids, study and work hard. Just saying that is what mad Ta-Nehisi Coates his career. His first major piece in the Atlantic attacked Cosby for “respectability politics.” What is wrong with being respectable? I know no Black mother father, grand mother or grand father that do not desire or preach for their kids to be respectable. Eric Dyson got so mad he wrote a book attacking Cosby for what in essences, Blacks have been teaching their offspring for more than a century. From their position, it is wrong o teach people to be responsible, respectable, and to believe you can succeed on your merit alone regardless of economic circumstances and history shows that we can, have and did achieve and only stopped this approach in the mid-1980s. It is easy to make a baby, but it is hard to be a father.

We need to take responsibility for not only ourselves but equally our families and communities. But according to Coates, asking people to be responsible and to raise their children is blaming the victim although we all see and know that individual behavioral dysfunction (speaking proper English is acting white, studying hard is acting white or reading is acting white) is the groundwork of African American economic disadvantage. First generation Asians in NYC who barely speak English hold education the highest of all aspirations so much so that many go without food and basic amenities, so they can pay for tutoring for their children. This is too much for us because we are locked in on being victims and the targets of steady racism. If we do not instill a capacity to function and compete in our children, we will never have equality of outcomes and crying racism will do nothing to accomplish such. Sure, Affirmative action will improve numbers and get you in the door, but it will never address the fundamental problem behind why our children do not stay in or perform well in the top institutions of higher learning in America.  This is a problem because it means Blacks will always be a peonage class collectively. To put it simply, we cannot blame white people for the failures in our communities or us as parents not doing homework or reading with their kids.

Blacks in Barbados, a nation also impacted by slavery and with high population of single parent households see their kids on average score 1300 on the SAT. Across Africa, the average GMAT score is approximately 510 compared to 433 for U.S.Blacks.
Once jokingly, a colleague of mine (a physicist) said: “now we can describe victimization as a time dependent projection matrix with intersectionality being the op-diagonal matrix coefficient.” It made perfect sense to me, for it implied that you have a set of characteristics which are ranked, typically on race and how they rate on the victim hierarchy, and it changes over time as a function of other intersectional variables such as religion, gender, and sexuality. This is where we are as Black people – we want people to lower standards for us to succeed as if we to dumb, stupid, disadvantaged and oppressed to do well on our own effort.

Acknowledging that a white person has white privilege such that they see me as helpless and inferior and can only achieve with white assistance and handouts is not only insulting but also the axiology of racism. It is the same disposition that whites exhibited toward Blacks during slavery, Jim Crow and the Black Codes.  It is the same disposition that led to segregated schools from Boston to Little Rock, for the good of Blacks.  Still we incessantly repeat the lunacy that Blacks will never have success until white come to terms with racism. I do not even know what that means. Is it saying that once this Fourier eutopia happens, then and only then, Blacks will be able to achieve success in America? Is it saying that once progressive liberal whites admit their white privileges, and atone for this original sin by admitting their inherent racism and worship their God Ta-Nehisi Coates will make it all good for Blacks only then? I think Not.

No matter how much white people read Coates and hoist the scarlet letter of white privilege, it will do nothing to address the underlying conditions that alone are contributing to our collective behavioral dysfunction. So far it has only resulted in a defensive populous that seeks to talk about the books by Black authors they read and endless pedantic twitter rants and op-eds that serve only to feed their egos, for targeted action in their minds directed at solving problems are not as essential as constantly complaining and blaming white people.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

One of the more illogical manifestations of culturalMarxism in the form of political correctness is the concept of “wokeness.” In simple terms it refers to a subset of people, typically from entitled, privileged middle and upper middle-class backgrounds who maintain the posture of having all the “right” or “correct” views and beliefs regarding all issues of identity politics. The woke are new age puritanical identarians who cannot and will not accept that there exist others that disagree with them or have differing views than them. They practice this vicious form of political correctness to demand and defend group think based on immutable characteristics including but not limited to race, sex, gender and ethnicity – all being more important than the individual.

On the basic level, woke is pure folly. It covers supporting the belief that Tampons should be placed in men’s restrooms to believing that men can get pregnant. If you do not ascribe to such lunacy you are instantly a fascist, homophobe, sexist transgenderphobe that supports the white supremacy patriarchy sciences of biology, anatomy and physiology. If you are woke, you can’t eat meat, or if you do, it has to be free range, no antibiotic gently killed meat. Thus, bacon eating carnivores can never be woke. A perfect example of being woke is having white guilt such to the point you adopt two black babies and raise the 7-year-old black boy as a transgender girl – see Charlize Theron. Woke is a synonym for upside down, for facts and science is not as important as a person’s collective group feelings.

If one is to be honest and historically accurate, woke culture is the antithesis of the civil rights movement and its desire for equality of opportunity for all as equals based on the content of our character. Woke cats do not see it this way - they are a group, a race, a sexual orientation before an individual. They are actively seeking to undermine the civil rights progress of the past that ended segregation and discrimination due to race to treat all people the same for example in exchange to isolate and separate today because they want to feel that the world (especially America) is more racist today than in the 1950s and 1960s. For them, group affiliation and identity are more significant than what you think as an individual. In other words, your skin color and who you like to have sex with is more valuable than one’s character and uniqueness. Consequently, putting the group first means that one must speak or think the way the group desires or risk being attacked and punished.

To be accurate, woke social justice warriors are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, just try having a conversation or discussion with them. Regardless if it is abortion, biology as being the singular determinant of gender or what bathrooms a person should use, instead of citing evidence and defending or validating their position, they merely yell slurs: bigot, racist, fascist, alt-right, sexist, trandgenderphobe and Islamphobe are some of the most common. This is the easiest way for them to abstain from engaging in defending their positions.

If these do not work, their ‘they know better than anyone else’ snobbery comes out. This is one method employed that allows them to justify looking down on individuals with views different from theirs while at the same time allowing them to play the victim. Look at the period after President Trump came to office.  They to this day describe Trump voters and supporters in condescending terms such as deplorable, dumb people too stupid to understand politics or know what they are voting for because they live in fly-over country and are uneducated (or at least not as educated as me). This is a core characteristic of the self-proclaimed woke because it provides them with a synthetic justification to look down upon and lecture the masses. More importantly, it artificially rationalizes their authoritarian and entitled belief that they are right on and about all things and that by default this corroborates their intolerance of people that have differing views and positions (if you disagree you must be silenced).

In the woke realm of the universe, men can only write on and talk about male issues, blacks can only write in black spaces, gays cannot paint images of heterosexual sex acts and whites cannot have dreadlocks.  This is cultural appropriation in the new vernacular but by the same definition, it is reminiscent of cultural purity we saw when Asians could not own land, interrace marriage was prohibited and blacks and whites had separate water fountains and schools.  This woke behavior ironically is anti Brown V. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia and pro Dred Scottv. Stanford, and Plessy v. Ferguson. It is as if woke people are completely thoughtless and lack real world interaction to the point that they do not understand what they are doing, or that they intentionally want to roll back the hand of time and undo all the gains approaching equality we have had as a nation over the past decades.

The US is possibly in for a bleak future if people are so afraid that they inhibit reasonable discussion because one party is so isolated in being holier than though in bubble-wrapped urban elite enclaves that they cannot engage others with ideas, that there only course of action is to repeat bland Borg-like slogans reminiscent of Mussolini’s Italy and brained-washed followers of Jim Jones. This is the least common dominator of being woke for the progressive elite and over-educated fake oppressed modern left. When all is reduced to a battle between privilege and victimhood, eventually everyone becomes a victim and merit and hard work becomes obsolete. Being woke is not only irrational and untenable, it will just result in an adult population incapable of dealing with reality and preferring to live in a world of perpetual make-believe that asserts one has a right not to be offended or encounter thoughts they dislike.

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