Saturday, December 24, 2016

I had never heard of the Alt-Right until Hillary Clinton introduced the term in our lexicon during a speech she gave in Reno this past August. Now I had heard of the alternative right, which had nothing to do with media, but rather an ideology that was juxtapose to the mainstream GOP. Now maybe you had read or heard about it but not me, in particular in the manner in which she framed it as being a platform for white supremacy, which is far from the truth.  And like the sheep in the heard, most, especially liberal democrats engaged in Orwellian newspeak to make it real and tangible. However, if the Alt-Right is as dastardly as folk make it out to be, the Alt-Left is even more destructive and fascist. Yes, the Alt-Left is real and it is run mostly by white city cats. What is the Alt-Left?  Well it is the diametric opposite of the Alt-Right and is manifested in action and word through extreme intolerance.

The examples of Alt-Left activities are both sickening and too numerous to name and I say this because I know if their actions were directed toward President Barack Obama for instance, these activities would be seen in a different vein. Let us look at voter intimidation.  The left has always advocated that voter intimidation is horrible and intolerant.  There are even laws on the books that note that such is a criminal act.  But when it is directed towards electors of the Electoral College, there is not a single statement of outrage from democrats or the mainstream media opined against these occurrences.  When people are receiving death threats urging them to change their vote to support Hillary Clinton it seem as it is swept under the rug.  These threats are not coming from the Alt-Right, but rather the Alt-Left.  Or when the daughter of the President Elect is verbally accosted while riding on an airplane with her kids by two gay men, there is no outrage and it is presented as being acceptable comportment.  Now mind you if this was done to the wife of President Obama, I can only imagine the outrage. Even if it were just a women in general with her kids, no one in their civil mind would consider this as being acceptable behavior.

I used to the think the left was big of bullying but clearly they are not. This in simple terms in bullying.  I take it is okay to bully people who do not think like you or maintain the same political beliefs as one does.  But outside of this it is wrong.  Or the young college student at Bryn Mawr College who was harassed and sent death threats for supporting Donald Trump and now has been forced to leave school for her safety.  Or the University of Pittsburg student who set up a Trump table at his university. This is the Alt-Left although they are constantly speaking on ending hate and violence,these remain their go to weapons of choice.  These students didn’t ask for or need a safe space, they were amenable to open dialogue and discussion and put their views out for all to acknowledge. Nicholas Kristof said it best: We progressives believe in diversity and we want women, blacks, Latinos and Muslims at the table – er, so long as they aren’t conservatives…We are fine with people who don’t look like us as long as they think like us.

This is the closed-minded intolerant hypocrisy that defines the Alt-Left. How can the left incessantly speak about the necessity of tolerance and openness but write off the political beliefs of others they do not listen to or engage in dialogue with? Most of these representatives of the Alt-Left are educated urban white folk and maintain a descent capability of subject-verb agreement but they would rather vandalize, curse, yell and call others out of their name.  I read that some do not want to do business with Trump supporters. Now if a baker or restaurant said the same about an Obama supporter or a gay couple, it would fall under the banner of bigotry and intolerance – I do not want to serve you because of your beliefs. 

I suspected this rise of the Alt-Left would be problematic since their anti-trumps protest in Chicago, California and Portland. After Trump won, it became even more idiotic: a black man painting racist images on a blackchurch in Mississippi, artist demanding Ivanka Trump take down paintings of their she bought down from her walls (thus the use of the term idiotic), a Muslim women in New York faking an attack by white Trump supporters while in the subway and singers refusing to perform at the inauguration while they have no problem performing for millions for known despots and murderous authoritarian dictators.

These safe space trophy babies are the embodiment of fascist ideology – my way or the highway, authoritarian cultural Marxist.  Yes the Alt-Left is real and these cats are the fascist of tomorrow.

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