Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Election of Donald Trump resulted in very severe outbreak of what I call Trumpsessive Trumpulsive Disorder (TDD).  It is something that in my opinion has been created by a uniquely disingenuous cult of protagonist I simply call elitist east coast media.  This is not a geographical description but rather a cultural ethos that can also be applied to big city media cats in general.

From the very beginning there was a bias in the Clinton versus Trump narrative and even before then, the Clinton versus Sanders narrative as presented by this media cult.  If we take the example of race, nonstop coverage has hurled the same invectives towards Trump including but not limited to bigot, racist and xenophobic. They ignored any mention of Clinton regarding her categorization of blacks as super predators or how she loaded her campaign coffers with big money from the corporate prison industrial complex.  They never reviewed any of her past including her 2008 attempt to receive the democratic nomination for president including how her campaign floated around an image of Barack Obama in African/Muslim attire. The media especially the New York Times or Washington Post never discussed this instead they continuously attacked Trump as being a racist who was anti-black, anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim who repeatedly made insensitive comments about the aforementioned groups. With regards to Sanders several DNC top officials including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were forced to resign after WikiLeaks emails revealed that not only were they favoring HRC, they were also trying to present Bernie Sanders as an atheist albeit he was a Jew because it was easier to get people to vote against an atheist. Instead of addressing this, they floated fake news that this was a Russian plot and continued to attempt to program the citizenry that Clinton was winning and would win by a wide margin.  WikiLeaks also revealed the high level extent to which collusion between the DNC, Clinton and the East coast media elites was occurring.

What the Trump coverage revealed is that these media big shots considered Trump as being alien to them, as not being one of them and even precluded this same judgment down upon his supporters. It is as if these elite east coast media folk are mad at the folk whom voted for Trump, as if they are the gatekeepers saying we voted the wrong way, or how dare you by pass our suggestions of how bad Mr. Trump is and make up your minds for yourself without our blessings – how dare you go against us who are smarter and know better for you. But are they?
Now to be objective, maybe they are.  Slate, Salon, the Washington Post and NY Times practically served as a PR firms for camp HRC. From NBC’s Chuck Todd hosting dinner for Jennifer Palmieri and John Podesta to John Podesta hosting a dinner for all of the media fat cats at his house, they do have an insight into the HRC camp that the average person doesn’t have.  This is what I call the modern equivalent of the god ole boy’s network.

The website 538 along with Slate, Salon, the Washington Post, CNN, the Nation and NY Times along with many others told us Trump would never become the Republican nominee, let alone President.  They told us that all of these states were in play like Arizona, Ohio, Texas and Georgia when they were not.  Although it would be easier for them to say “hey, we fucked up, we were wrong,” they will likely spend the next 8 years (if Trump gets two terms) trying to prove the electorate that they were wrong, not them.

The media doesn’t know how to cover Trump but hasn’t the balls to admit this. They condemn Trump for turning politics into reality TV theater but they have been presenting politics as theater for the last two decades. For example, they criticize Trump for his use of Twitter but they use Twitter in the same manner and even more than the President- elect.  It is the ultimate hypocrisy reveal for political journalist the likes of Joy Ann Reid, Jamelle Bouie, Marc Lamont Hill, Jake Tapper, Jamil Smith, Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, or a Don Lemmon, when they do the same thing in an effort to maximize their outreach and popularity. Would it be so hard for them just to admit they just hate the fact he uses twitter to by pass them?

Since his election the MSM has changed or altered little in their coverage of President Elect Donald Trump. It is a period of media coverage that is no doubt unique.  The clear outcome is that the elite east coast mainstream big city media holds Donald Trump to one standard and democrats, in particular President Obama and HRC to another. They have even invented a new excuse to cover for their lack of ethics and intellect – Fake news. Fake news propaganda is a cover up to justify the failures of the political media’s coverage of the election. In addition it is an overt attempt to marginalize voices and views outside of their belief orientation and personal collective reality yet in basic terms a new age conspiracy theory. By doing such, it allows them to ignore real news stories and dwell on impractical and unsubstantiated figments of their make believe world. For example, they ignore or are weeks late on covering the #NDPL and the Standing Rock Sioux in the Dakota’s. Why, because Obama a Democrat was President.  You can’t mention that while a black liberal progressive democrat is serving as president that under his administration water cannons are being employed on women and children in sub-freezing temperatures at close range, that law enforcement and federal officers are shooting people with rubber bullets and attack dogs are being let loose on native Americans because it would not be a god look. But you can best believe that If Trump was president they would have plastered it all over the 24 hour news cycle opining that this is a representation of Trump’s racist, sexist and white supremacy views. This is why the fake Russia news story is important.  If they didn’t have this, maybe they would have to cover that there were more votes than voters in more than one-third of Detroit precincts.

This is fake news by omission and own its own it is comical. Just think, the same cats that gave us falsified Iraq news coverage in 2003, said that only a score of folk were killed during the invasion of Panama, cry about Aleppo but never what is happening in Yemen or Mosul, have the audacity to complain about the conspiracy theory of fake news as being why they were wrong regarding this past presidential election. Or worse that Russia cost HRC the election, as if they told HRC not to campaign in Michigan or Wisconsin or not to appear in Lousisana during the massive flooding. The political media doesn’t understand their job.  It is to cover the news, to be journalist, not create the news and predict election outcomes. Fake news is the new conspiracy Theory, and it is being promulgated by the biggest culprit of the production of fake news – the elite east coast mainstream media.

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