Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Clinton Foundation, Gold Mine hustle
Hillary did delete emails herself after all

Hillary took it upon herself to review them and delete documents Via @HalleyBorderCol
Flint not having water to drink because it scores political points via @JordanChariton
Preparing statements for Hillary about how hard state dept. is working & how she only had one Blackberry-lie via @andrewthechap
Are they using @ClintonFdn email list serve for Clinton Campaign fund raising purposes? Is that legal? Via @escoker

Clinton Camp Discussed Deleting Emails Despite Knowing It Was Against the Law via @mtracey
Indian Billionaire wants to donate over a million to Hillary. Need to figure out modalities via @IFlipTrips
Hillary Clinton tried to avoid press for the entire election via @TheTrumpFound
Hillary admits to wanting #TPP. "I believe a strong and fair TPP trade agreement is both possible and necessary" via @KGBVeteran

How to lie about emails. #PodestaEmails4
What did .@hhigginbottom do that they had to keep her "happy" by making up a job for her she didn't earn? #PodestaEmails4 via @kinni00

Nepotism! Hillary campaign was handing off jobs to relatives of top staffers. #PodestaEmails5. Via @basedmattforney
Democrats do not value black voters and are just using them every election cycle to win. Know who you are voting for. Via @WhyBuild

Clinton Fdn paid BLM, Glenn Beck & Black Panthers to suppress the elections. Via @Shoes2Match
I clearly remember @DWStweets telling us there was no secret plan to limit the debates. Via @abowersock.
HRC camp having black church event trying to hide Bill passed Robert E Lee day and had pride in Ark confederate flag. Via @WDFx2EU7
HRC aid brainstorms "excuse" she can make for not turning over all her emails even after subpoena #PodestaEmails4. Via @JordanChariton
Democrats think galvanizing the black electorate is done through tokenism rather than policy. Via @rtyson82
@johnpodesta and #JASTA lawyer discuss the implications of Saudi donations to the Clinton Foundation. Via @partystraws.

@billclinton sexually abused his 3rd cousin while she babysat Chelsea! #PodestaEmails4 #PodestaEmails. Via @chiIIinois.

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