Friday, November 4, 2016

Before the resignation of Richard M. Nixon as president of the United States, Spiro Agnew became the first U.S. vice president to resign discredited in scandal. On that very same day, he pleaded no contest to a charge of federal income tax evasion in order to avoid being brought up on charges of political corruption. He got off lightly, just a $10,000, three years’ probation, and his professional disbarred by the Maryland court of appeals.

Agnew, a Republican, was governor of Maryland until he was nominated for the Republican vice presidential candidate in 1968. During 1972-73 the U.S. Justice Department uncovered extensive evidence of political corruption on behalf of Agnew, including the acceptance of bribes even while serving as vice president of the U.S. Lyndon Johnson described Agnew as a person who “became a political celebrity for reasons that had nothing much to do with character or capacity.

HRC has Agnew by a country mile. Just starting over the past few weeks: Abedin telling the FBI the she told the Whitehouse every time Clinton changed emails, HRC’s staff removing "top secret" classification markings off emails on her private server (possibly two felonies according to some) the most problematic being felony by possessing and storing top secret information on an insecure server, and “bribes disguised as charitable contributions.“

The latter maybe the most nefarious. Agnew was only taking bribes from U.S. corporate interest not foreign governments as is the case with HRC. This encompasses Algeria giving half a million dollars to the Clinton foundation while at the same time lobbying the HRC State Department for special favors and without the approval of the Obama administration. To put it simply, HRC has five FBI investigations (two open investigations), the Weiner pedophilia investigation, as well as the pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation, and having her email investigation reopened.  

I am saying this because it is often projected that HRC is a lot like Obama.  Certainly she has some economic and progressive views on big ticket items like the president on guns, health care and regime change, but in disposition and historical attribute, she has more in common with former vice president and governor of Maryland Spiro Agnew.

The way I see it, the academic elitism of HRC prohibits any similarity with Obama. I would speculate that her relationship with Obama will forever change if she is indicted or eventually convicted, their relationship won't end up the same way. After Agnew’s resignation in October 1973, he and Nixon never spoke again.


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