Friday, September 30, 2016

One thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton is that they are about getting that loot. Case in point among many glaring examples is their relationship with Mohammed the VI, King of Morocco. Now Morocco is no bastion of humanity, in fact it is one of the world’s worst violators of human rights by some estimates.  However, this did not stop HILLBILL from doing what they do, even while she was serving as the Secretary of State of the United Sates.  It appears that while in office, Secretary Clinton often was in communication with lobbyist that served the interest of the King and country.

One of the prize possessions of the King is the state owned mining company OCP (formerly called the Office Chérifien des Phosphates). OCP operates in disputed international territory in an out-of-the-way part of the Saharan Desert that the Moroccan government seized after Spain withdrew in 1975.  However, the government-owned mining company still  extracts the resources in the region without adequately compensating the extremely poor people that live there and consequently, the King and the government have been condemned forthese actions. In 2009 Forbes noted that the African nation controlled almost half of the world’s phosphate deposits and that the year prior, had mined 28 million metric tons of phosphate rock, placing it only behind the China and the U.S. at the time. It must also be noted that King Mohammed VI, has an estimated net worth north of $5 billion.

Now while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013, the Government of Morocco was heavily courting the U.S. using the famous corporate law firm of Covington & Burling LLP, led by the firm’s senior counsel Stuart Eizenstat. To be exact, Eizenstat represented OCP in Washington. Report suggests that the law firm was paid in upwards of $1.3 million since 2012 to lobby the State Department and other federal agencies by the mining magnet. After Clinton office, within a few months the Clinton Global Initiative restarted its foreign meetings as well as also resumed taking huge sums of money from new foreign donors. The Moroccan government is even on the record of providing monetary support for her presidential campaign.

As many have indicated, Hillary is very experienced in these matters.  She must know that for years (when the CIA used Morocco as a Black site) that consistently the nation has been an incessant violator of human rights. In Morocco, thousands of children (mainlygirls) illegally in private homes of the elite as domestic workers, not to mention that there is no freedom of the press, speech or religion.  Of the past few years, the state has increased restrictions on domestic and international human rights groups, for investigating how political dissidents, reporters and others are administered severely long prison terms without due process for what some have called “politically motivated offenses.” In fact I am aware, at least some in the Clinton Stated Department knew for they categorized the government of Moroccoin similar terms.

The same has been said about the company that made the $1 million donation to the Clinton Global Initiative Middle East and Africa meeting in Marrakech on May, 5-7. The irony is that the Clinton’s took the money when some few years earlier the Clinton’s State Department had accused the Moroccan government of being corrupt. However, her criticism dampened and she praised not only the King and the Moroccan government, but also OCP. News and other independent reports note that OCP treats miner whom work in their mines inhumanely. They have been forced to retire early, had their pensions and wages cut dramatically and even state that many or often the target of forced detentions (especially Sahrawi’s trying to obtain independence in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara.

It is unlikely that Secretary Clinton or Stuart Eizenstat were ignorant of the nefarious activities of the government or OCP.  Eizenstat is a close confidant of the Clintons and served in multiple capacities under the Clinton Administration.  This included serving as the United States Ambassador to the EuropeanUnion, followed up with being Clinton’s Under Secretary of the State forEconomic, Business and Agricultural Affairs and ending up as Clinton’s DeputySecretary of the Treasury.

Without a doubt the country and OCP was aware of what such a donation would get – access and possibly changes in policy and the status in which Morocco was viewed by the U.S. State Department.  Exports have pointed out that OCP has donated as much as $6 million to the Clinton Foundation over the past several years and openly, the Clintons shower the king with praises including being a moderate ruler with whom the U.S. should partner with.  However, this change in perspective is dubious given what was revealed in leaked Moroccan diplomatic cables that display that Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state on behalf of the nation lobbied UN to turn blind eye to their humanitarian abuses and violations in the Western Sahara. The documents also reveal that the Moroccan government had been occupied for years securing influence the Clinton family regarding dealings between the U.S. and Morocco relations, as well as to gain access to the ruling American elites in Washington, D.C.

One cannot over state this.  First it is a fact that OCP CEO Mostafa Terrab registered with the Justice Department as a foreignagent for Morocco to help get the meetings started with representatives of the Obama administration. Second, the practice of foreign nations seeing and using donations to the Clinton Foundation to impact U.S. policy is so frequent an outcome, that it is not unreasonable for foreign interest to seek this method of operation of supporting the foundation as a means to achieve such goals. Lastly, entities of the Moroccan government hired a firm headed by Washington lobbyist Justin Gray ironically right after he was named a board member of the pro-Hillary Clinton Presidential super-PAC, Priorities USA.

I am certain many will suggest  am just reaching and promoting a conspiracy theory when I am only outlining the way big money global politics happen in a world in which governments are run by crooks, thieves, plutocrats, corporatist and oligarchs. If I am in correct, and there is nothing to see here and is not an indication of how the Clinton’s, their foundation and globalist work, then explain to me how OCP, with all the controversy surrounding it, was able to receive nearly $100 million in U.S. taxpayer support, from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to purchase equipment from two American corporations? I am just asking.


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