Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I have been paying attention to and observing a dangerous and growing trend of intolerance in the United States. Strange enough, it is coming from those that say they are the most tolerant of all people in America – progressive liberals.  Even more odd-balled and even sickening, is that it is in my understanding of history, reminiscent one aspect of Nazification that was called Gleichschaltung.  I say this for two reasons, first is that I speak and read German and second is that it played a vital role in Hitler’s propaganda machine.  By definition (if I could translate Gleichschaltung into English) the best I could come up with would be the “forcible coordination” of one to have the views and beliefs of the majority. 

Over the years it has become popular and even acceptable for progressive democrats, when they do not agree with an opinion or perspective that is out of their narrative, to use force and coercion to try and get you to accept and see the world how they “want” you to see the world. In this ether of make-believe, dissenting voices, and frequently common sense, are not welcome. Consequently, the individual rights of American citizens inclusive of free speech are only for them and not you.  This is the Gleichschaltung of National Socialism.

After the death of Paul von Hindenburg in 1934, Hitler took control of Germany with several goals in mind, one of which was to establish tight control over the nation. One way to accomplish this for him was to do all possible to guarantee that the National Socialist would be the most powerful party in Germany. He planned for the coordination of society by making all things an arm of the Nationalist Socialist party and referred to this as Gleichschaltung. This would enable him and the Nazi party to convert Germany into a totalitarian state. This was done by outlawing the expression of alternative views, beliefs and political perspectives and the use of propaganda to promote Nazi ideals

Now if you read and think about this, no clearer explanation of what is happening around the U.S. from Berkeley to Harvard, to Yale and yes, even Evergreen College can be aptly describe as Gleichschaltung for the sake of having one single authoritative totalitarian view for all to follow. This would have never happened under Hitler without him gaining a strangle hold over cultural and educational beliefs.  He could do it so effectively because he employed “Lansen’ or a “language of the masses” that made it easier for the people to agree and accept the propaganda of Nazism.

This is what the progressive left is doing. In one breathe they say they are fighting against bias, intolerance, and hate-speech yet at the same time impose and employ hate-speech, intolerance and bias to communicate their messages which are often grounded in raw hate or a ‘weaponized victimhood’ directed at all that do not think as they do. It is a little comical yet telling of the state of the intellectual prowess of this incessantly offended generation. For example, they portend that they are tolerant because they are people who speak and/or act on beliefs that do not exclude entire groups of people, but ask for black only dormitories, black only graduations or order and require all white people to leave certain spaces even if they do not desire to do such.  If people do exercise their first amendment rights, it’s going to likely be some burning, window breaking, car destroying and all around chaos. Even worse, it seems as if they cannot even see how stupid their actions are for as I suggested prior, they have no interest or desire to participate in an open and honest discussion about anything (diversity, tolerance or inclusion) because like thee Nazi’s, they are too superciliously self-righteous about the divinity and supremacy of their beliefs.

This is what the Gleichschaltung was designed to accomplished – using force to push ideals upon anyone through the threat of violence and Professor Bret Weinstein was correct to note that doing such was “an act of oppression in and of itself” because America’s liberal progressive are doing the exact same thing. Why else would they back the hindrance of freedom of speech? What these students are doing is dangerous and to make matters worse, they have no idea of how bad what they are doing is, or either do not care. Moreover, they fail to recognize that they are neither progressive or liberal, but rather leftists for whom listening to a different point of view is impossible. They claim they are accepting of Muslims, blacks, women or members of the GLBTQ community, but that is only if they are progressive liberal democrats like themselves. Otherwise step off.

Yes, this is where we are in America, and for this participation trophy generation, if they do not win or get their way, they wear their soreloserness on their sleeves and cry and whine openly for al to see

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